The Helsinki English Montessori Preschool was established in 1993 and is run by a private non-profit  parents' association. We offer day care for children between 3–6 years old.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about a position for your child.

We start offering vacancies for the new school year (starting in August) in early spring. However, sometimes changes occur during the year in different age groups, and it is possible that we could have an opening at any point during the year.

How to get your child in our school? You can apply for a position by signing into the queue and paying a queue fee.

Queuing fee: 50 € / school year

For more information about applying, please contact our school preferably by e-mail:


Contact information

Helsinki English Montessori Preschool

Lapinlahdenkatu 3A, 00180 Helsinki


Please contact our school preferably by


Office Phone +358 50 357 5382


Park Phone +358 50 441 6075



The monthly cost for a child in our school varies depending on Kela's subsidies that are based on family's city of residence. You can apply for the private day care allowance and a municipal supplement from Kela.

For example, an average family living in Helsinki pays around  484.75 € / month after subsidies.

During the school years 2018 - 2020 Helsinki City supports 5-year-olds’ early childhood education by 160 € / month (August - May). This reduces the family’s own fee to 324.75 €.

We will help our families fill in the applications for Kela. You can find more information regarding the private day care allowance from the links below:

Yksityisen hoidon tuki

Private daycare allowance

Queuing fee:

50 € / school year (before entering)

Deposit fee:

350 €  (refunded when leaving)

Registration fee:

200 €

Parent’s association membership fee:

35 € / child / year

Late pick-up fee: 20 € / half hour

(if child is not picked up on time)

Payments are due by the 15th day of each month, on the family’s own accord. The monthly fee is due regardless of the number of days in the month, absentee days or holidays. If for some reason it becomes necessary to withdraw your child from school, a minimum notice of one calendar month is required or one month’s fee in lieu of notice.

For more information about fees, please contact our school preferably by e-mail:



The children are insured by the Insurance Company Lähi-Tapiola. In case of an accident the family is responsible for costs up to the amount of 84 euros. Any fees exceeding 84 euros are compensated by insurance.


Montessori teaching mainly follows Helsinki City school holiday schedules. However, the summer vacation lasts from Midsummer till the first week of August.


Päivi Kuutsa, Preschool teacher & Head teacher

Kati, kindergarten & Montessori teacher

Joyce, Montessori teacher

Taina, kindergarten teacher

Siru, practical nurse

Lilli, practical nurse

Diana, kindergarten teacher

Lailah, practical nurse and Montessori teacher

Megan, assistant

Oscar, maintenance

Frequently asked questions

At what age should my child start in your school?

Your child can start at the age of three years (or if she/he turns three years later that same autumn/spring term). Your child can also start in our preschool at the age of five or six but then usually a previous knowledge of English and/or experience of Montessori method is preferred.

How much is the monthly fee?

The monthly costs for a child in our school vary depending on the amount of the subsidies that are based on family's city of residence. For example, average family living in Helsinki pays around 484.75 € / month with subsidies.


How to apply to Helsinki English Montessori Preschool?

Our preschool has a queueing system and some families join the queue shortly after their baby is born and some families later when their child is 1-3 years old. We can offer approximately 10-14 new places every autumn and those places are primarily fulfilled according the queue. We start to select new families during the early springtime, so families who are not in the queue can apply for the next autumn term. A place cannot be guaranteed, but we recommend that you contact us and request open places. Sometimes we can also offer open places in the middle of the school year so it is good to be proactive.


Does my child need to know English before she/he starts in your daycare?

There is no need for previous knowledge of English language if your child is 3–4 years old. If she/he is 5–6 years then we would prefer that the child has former knowledge of English and/or experience of Montessori method so that she/he would adapt more easily in the group.

Do you have native English speaking teachers?

Our teachers have multicultural backgrounds and they all have studied and/or worked abroad using English as their working language. We are happy to have committed and motivated teachers who have been with us for many years. They all are professionals who have wide experience and competence of early education and/or Montessori method.

Do you offer half-day care?

Not at the moment.

The quality of private daycares?

Private daycare is a safe option for families since the city of Helsinki, Department of Early Education and Care (varhaiskasvatusvirasto) works in close co-operation with service providers, and supervises and guides all private daycares in Helsinki. The same regulations apply to private daycares as to communal daycares. We are also a member of Hypry ry (Helsingin yksityiset päiväkodit ry) which aims to secure versatile and quality daycare for children in Helsinki.

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